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PROLEARN is a 'Network of Excellence' financed by the IST (Information Society Technology - Contract number 507310) programme of the European commission dealing with technology enhanced professional learning. Our mission is to bring together the most important research groups in the area of professional learning and training, as well as other key organisations and industrial partners, thus bridging the currently existing gap between research and education at universities and similar organisations and training and continuous education that is provided for and within companies.

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Prolean academy

The PROLEARN Academy transfers the research results into education and training programmes, international conferences, and scientific journals designed to federate and showcase European leadership in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning. The aim is to:

  • continuously educate, train and network world-class graduate and postgraduate researchers or junior faculty to maintain leadership at the PEOPLE level;
  • offer a forum for publication, debate and envisionment in order to maintain European leadership in topics across the full range of research issues in Technology Enhanced Learning covered by PROLEARN working groups;
  • implement a technology infrastructure to support a pan-European virtual community of researchers and training measures in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning.

Prolean virtual competence center

In the last years more and more companies are realizing that a key factor to increase competitiveness is to invest in their human potential. Continuous learning processes as well as access to high-quality learning material and methods are key to a success in this field. PROLEARN provides support to companies in this whole process by establishing a Virtual Competence Centre.

The aim of the Virtual Competence Centre is to spread excellence to company driven competence centres, chambers of commerce, employment centres and competence centres of trade and industry associations, creating alliances between these and network members, in form of different European-wide Competence Centres dealing with professional learning tasks. An own Virtual Competence Centre platform serves these aims of exchange and collaboration.

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