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Personalized Adaptive Learning

During the lifetime of the project WP1 has established cross-relationships with many other PROLEARN workpackages. Our interoperability and reusability investigations from D1.2 with WP4 activities regarding standardization of learning object metadata and its efficient usage.

Originally considered D1.12 on requirements of learning process framework for competence-driven learning became part of D6.7 on business process-oriented learning in WP6.

A SECI-based survey from WP7 informed D1.10, which served as an input for D7.7 presenting the PROLEARN framework for process-oriented learning and knowledge work.

We have used the VCC portal from WP8 to collect feedback for our survey, which was included in D1.8. WP1 lecturers regularly attended the PROLEARN Summer School organized by WP9. We have developed the Vision Statement 1 of the Roadmap from WP12 and the “snowflake effect” concept explained in D12.13 is in line with the trends in personalized adaptive learning. As social software is a modern trend also in personalized adaptive learning, we reflected this aspect in D15.1 and D15.2 by WP15.

Our deliverables provide a spectrum of perspectives and solutions on the most important issues and challenges (D1.4/D1.6, D1.1) in personalized adaptive professional learning, which we have identified at the beginning of the project: learner modeling (D1.3), interoperability (D1.2), privacy (D1.5), authoring (D1.8), interfacing with LMS (D1.9), modeling of learning processes (D1.10), integration with standards (D1.11). These issues have been discussed at our events and further elaborated in our publications. We are addressing them and other related issues in our current and future projects (D1.13).

All Personalized Adaptive Learning deliverables can be downloaded here


EC-TEL 17-20 September 2007 Crete, Greece

Marcus Specht

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