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PROLEARN work package 3 Online Experiments

WP03 provides a web based catalogue (D3.8) with a special metadata scheme the "Metadata for Online Experiments" (D3.2). This scheme supports an easier access to existing online experiments with the help of an integrated technical framework for online experiments and a web-accessible knowledge base (D3.6). This allows educators, experiment developers and educational researchers to locate online experiments of interest and to obtain technical information for building their own lab or obtain scientific articles on educational evaluations. The main contributions are also published in a joint publication as groundwork on online experiments for educational purposes.

Additionally WP03 provides an overview of research results on factors increasing the educational value of online experiments including the factors of authenticity, critical design factors as well as technical and organizational settings for cooperative learning (D3.1). The roadmap concerning the research on the educational value of online experiments covered four steps(D3.7, D3.5, D3.4). Firstly, different and challenging use scenarios for online experiments were elaborated for a definition of end user requirements in different contexts eg. academic, industrial and institutional report here available).

Secondly, a study of existing and deployed online experiments was carried out in order to define the common services provided by online experiments and to devise generic and modular software architecture for online experimentation environments. Thirdly, technical solutions to integrate heterogonous resources were investigated. Finally, a description of a technical framework of online experiments was developed. The structure of the technical framework integrated components from partners to build a European toolset for online experiments based on the EPFL eMersion toolset. The description of the toolset is available at Toolset. Further PROLEARN infrastructures such as the video conferencing tool from WP2 were integrated in this framework. An installation guide was developed to show the realization steps of the toolsets and its extensibility. Different profiles (professor, student, lab module with objectives) were defined to provide a comprehensive setting as a base for needed requirements.

All Online Experiments deliverables can be downloaded here


EC-TEL 17-20 September 2007 Crete, Greece

Nils Hagge

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