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Objectives and Activities

by Margit Hofer, 4. 3. 2004

Key objectives and main activities of the Brokerage systems and Learning Management.

The main objectives of the brokerage Systems and Learning Management are based on trial brokerage systems and the gathering of end-user feedback, the design and test methods for building and developing brokerage systems, the integration to achieve a critical mass in Europe, the investigation of interoperability issues within industry participants and concept based access mechanism to brockerage systems.
One task is also formulated by recommondations of improvements for the management of learning in organizations and to share the experiences developed iwth the previous WP - related projects and integrate them to a unified view.

Thus the activities of this workpackage focus on following outcomes:

  • The development and deployment of an integrated brokerage system as part of the ProLearns technological infrastructure
  • The creation of guidelines for brokerage system development and system integration
  • An open call workshop on Knowledge markets and Learning Management

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