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Brokerage Systems and Learning Management

One substantial part of the PROLEARN research area are Brokerage Systems and Learning Management.
The objectives of this research area focus around the interoperability of repositories on a process level, but also looks into possibilities on how to support open content. The aim of lively exchange of open content and knowledge requires new distribution models securing the interests of the provider (i.e. reputation, ownership, commercial prosperity) while being attractive for customers.
As a consequence of this objectives, the question also raises on how the management of learning processes can be organised in a flexible manner. Therefore the aim of the workpackage will be to increase the flexibility of learning management in business, taking a special local at pre- and post-process of learning delivery into account.
As the complexity of the learning material, management systems and community increases, the difficulty in understanding the overall structure of the learning experience becomes exponentially greater. Thus the question of how to move from an objective-driven to a concept-driven learning management is essential for future developments. Embedded in this objective is therefore also the identification of hindering and success factors for the design of knowledge markets.

- ProLearn WP5 is building a European-wide Semantic Network of
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- ProLearn WP5 is studying the option of knowledge brokerage systems.
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Call for Papers: Workshop on Interoperability of Web-Based Educational Systems by Fridolin Wild, 1. 2. 2005
Chiba, Japan, May 10, 2005, in conjunction with the 14th International World Wide Web Conference
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Invitation to join us at ICL 2004 in Villach, Austria at 29/9 by Margit Hofer, 18. 8. 2004

Bernd Simon and Fridolin Wild (both Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration) are offering a pre-conference tutorial about sharing academic knowledge resources for research and education with EducaNext at the 7th International Conference on Interactive Computer-Aided Learing 2004 in Villach (Austria).
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Objectives and Activities by Margit Hofer, 4. 3. 2004
Key objectives and main activities of the Brokerage systems and Learning Management.
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