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Business Models, Processes and Markets


From an economical point of view, Europe will face a numerous amount of developments within the next years which will be the focus of investigation for PROLEARN's work package "Business Models, Processes and Markets".

Advanced technological possibilities, especially mobile and broadband learning solutions, will change today's blended learning scenarios in a sustainable way within the next years. The provision of eLearning services will grow substantially, to satisfy the growing demand of the different user groups. The right business models for service providers are a critical issue in order to achieve a harmonious market development with profitable companies, and to avoid the costly mistakes made by Internet start-up companies.
The problem is even more acute for traditional service providers, such as higher education institutions. While new entrants are not restricted by legal, financial or organizational constraints inherited from the past, HEIs have to take into account many conflicts of interest.
As the technical roadblocks for technology enhanced learning are removed and as it becomes affordable to European companies and, therefore, more commonplace, the efficiency of business processes in corporate training will be of great interest. Therefore, reference process models will be needed that aim at optimizing organizational and financial matters of the learning scenarios within an enterprise while preserving the degree of didactical excellence required by the consumer.

PROLEARN seeks to enhance the execution of business ideas within the field of technology enhanced learning (or eLearning). One major goal of the network is to help researchers and company founders to turn research re-sults, existing prototypes and innovative business ideas into market products and services. To support this aim, PROLEARN has established a to provide a single point of access to related information (D6.5).

Within the last years the workpackage has dealt with several topics in this context:

*Economical approaches, user needs and market requirements (D6.1)
*Joint reports on market analysis and market sructure within the partner countries and beyond (D6.2)
*Business models for providers in the professional e-Training industry (D6.3)
*Reference modelling as a tool for the introduction and execution of e-Learning scenarios in enterprises and Training Management and Analytics based on Business Process Management (D6.4)
*Content Production Workflows, Authoring and Integration into IMS LD approaches and adaptative environments (D6.6)
*Business Process-Oriented Learning (D6.7)
*SECI-inspired business models and PROLEARN sustainability (D6.8)

All Business Model deliverables can be downloaded here


EC-TEL 17-20 September 2007 Crete, Greece

Paul Lefrere

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