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Knowledge Work Management

For European companies, the efficiency and effectiveness of their knowledge workers is becoming a significant factor, which is more and more decisive for their competitiveness. Thus, the aims of the knowledge work management (KWM) activities were to enhance the awareness about the concepts of knowledge work management and to inform about challenges, developments, and research results.

Knowledge workers need instant access to knowledge, information and learning material based on their - most of the time - self-identified competency gaps. Resource-based learning is a key aspect, defined as searching for learning resources and using them instantly. Technologies such as mobile learning, collaborative learning and social software come also into place. In the work within PROLEARN, recommendations, guidelines and a procedural models have been identified on how to get quicker into operational excellence in learning at workplace. This was done with the focus on two subjects:
- Executive Education as one major field of using professional learning within industries.
- Process-oriented Learning as one up-coming field where professional learning technologies will be linked to business management solutions and applications in order to integration learning technologies with workplace processes.

Within the work package more than 24 user clinics over all industries have been performed. The relation between the following three concepts of knowledge work management will be in the key focus of companies:
- knowledge management
- learning management
- social learning and collaboration / web 2.0

WP 7 bases on several early deliverables D7.1 identified gaps in each key issue area as requirements for future research activities and industry needs while D7.2 identified good practices of existing transfer projects between research and industry in the knowledge work management key issue areas.
D7.3 describes an integrated model of “Knowledge Work Management and Learning Arrangements”

Furthermore, WP 7 give recommendations and guidelines for KWM in business, research and politics (D7.5 and D7.8)

A study about how knowledge workers use desktop resources to learn and work is evaluated within D7.6 complimented by the PROLEARN Framework for process-oriented learning and knowledge work. Learning management and knowledge work are closely related topics. In this report, PROLEARN describes the results of user clinics on learning and knowledge management and how social learning is being seen in business and professional learning. The results lead into a framework on how to implement learning technologies to support knowledge workers.

With the Learning Performance Management (LPM) Portal, WP 7 give support to learning performance assessment processes including the selection of Edumetrics, validated scales, execution of an online survey, plus the interpretation of data including the definition of follow-up measures.

All Knowledge Work Management deliverables can be downloaded here


EC-TEL 17-20 September 2007 Crete, Greece

Volker Zimmermann

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