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  • Academy Website
    Welcome to the PROLEARN Academy that transfers the research results into education and training programmes, international conferences, and scientific journals designed to federate and showcase European leadership in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • Ariadne Foundation @ K.U. Leuven

  • BibSonomy
    Social Bookmarking & Literature Sharing Platform
    BibSonomy is a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. When discovering a bookmark or a publication on the web, it can be stored on the bib sonomy server.

  • Conzilla @ Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • Cooperative Learning @ KMi, Open University, UK

  • DaMiT @ DGKI, Germany

  • Distance Learning and eLearning in European Policy and Practice:
    The Vision and the Reality
    Policy Paper of the European ODL Liaison Committee approved by the Member Networks
    Released 17 November 2004
  • EducaNext
    EducaNext is a service supporting the creation and sharing of knowledge for Higher Education. It is open to any member of the academic or research community.
  • Edutella @ L3S

  • ELAN @ State of Lower Saxony

  • Elena @ Vienna University of Economics and L3S

  • iL2 @ L3S

  • iLabs @ L3S

  • Internet assisted laboratories (I-Labs)
    In an Internet assisted laboratory (remote lab), lab equipment is accessed and programmed through a browser from a remote computer. The operation of the equipment can be monitored with a user-controlled video camera. As the remote lab is accessible from several locations, greater capacity utilization can be attained than in a conventional lab.

    Students benefit not only from the greater availability of different types of lab equipment but also gain experience in programming, maintenance, and monitoring remote equipment.

    The project I-Labs is a cooperation of the Stanford University, the Royal Institute of Technology and the L3S Research Center. In Stanford optical experiments for physics education, in Stockholm fluid dynamics experiments and in Hanover mechatronic devices for engineering education are developed. By working with an online lab students shall learn to program, maintain and supervise remote devices.

  • ISABEL @ DIT - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

  • IST - Results
    The IST Results service gives you online news and analysis on the emerging results from Information Society Technologies research. The service reports on prototype products and services ready for commercialisation as well as work in progress and interim results with significant potential for exploitation.
  • KnowledgeWeb
    The mission of KnowledgeWeb is to strengthen the European industry and service providers in one of the most important areas of current computer technology: Semantic Web enabled E-work and E-commerce. The project concentrates its efforts around the outreach of this technology to industry. Naturally, this includes education and research efforts to ensure the durability of impact and support of industry.
  • MPEG-7 & MPEG-21 Multimedia Metadata Community
    The MPEG-7 & MPEG-21 community aims at bringing together experts from research and industry in the area of multimedia meta data interoperability for collaborative working and professional learning environments. By establishing a community of professionals it is intended to bridge the gap between an academic research and an industrial scale development of innovative products for natural collaboration. To accomplish this goal the portal provides information about MPEG-7 & MPEG-21 related events, participating research groups, as well as industry partners to share expertise on multimedia meta data interoperability.
  • Parcel
    The project aims at complementing the dissemination activities of the only two Networks of Excellence (NoE) on eLearning KALEIDOSCOPE & PROLEARN with complementary pilot participatory communication activities. The activities are complementary in several respects: Their reach is local and regional and aim at additional target groups: non-profit organisations or users of e-learning by implementing and testing tools and outcomes of the NoEs.

  • Project e-START
    e-START is a Network of key players for promoting Digital Literacy in Primary and Lower Secondary (K-9) education in Europe adn beyond. The mission of the e-START Network is to provide a universal communication base to support Digital Literacy Policies and Actions in compulsory education.
  • Project Lemaia
    The project aims to investigate and explore the new teaching methods and strategies for the development of competencies in the area of digital literacy. The main focus is on hypermedia-based learning and teaching. Information on the state-of-the-art of e-learning practices in EU Member States will be collected and analyzed together with methods, tools and main applications being used. A general survey on the information needs of three different target groups - learners, teachers and service providers - will be developed and conducted. Additionally information services mutually informing about national e-learning practices will be constructed and established according to a newly developed roadmap. The expected results are to expedite the use of e-learning and to enlarge the fields of its application, to strengthen the national mechanisms to implement the process, and thereby to strengthen the international e-learning system as a whole.
  • The PROLEARN Virtual Competence Centre
    PROLEARN is a free of charge network of excellence in professional learning. Our mission is to build up a European wide community of practice for research and economy

    We offer...
    a knowledge pool in professional learning events, projects, partners, trends and news
    an exchange platform with experts and power-user in professional learning
    surveys about latest trends in the area of professional learning
    a networking community in professional learning

    In the PROLEARN Virtual Competece Centre you can find...
    -a knowledge pool in professional learning events, projects, partners, trends and news
    -an exchange platform with experts and power-user in professional learning
    -surveys about latest trends in the area of professional learning
    -a networking community in professional learning
  • Virtual Campus @ Politecnico Milano

  • Wayne Hodgins Interview
    me-Learning: What if the impossible isn't?
  • WINFOLine @ DFKI


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