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Microlearning 2007

21. 06. 2007

Innsbruck, Austria
June 21-22, 2007

Microlearning 2007 is discussing the impact of microcontent-based technologies and practices on the way we will be living, working and learning in the years to come.

"Microlearning" is what learners incidentally do when immersed in the highly fragmented digital environments of today, characterized by e-mail and mobile texting, googling and podcasting, micro-publishing via blogs, wikis, aggregation & feeds, and - increasingly - the Mobile Web.

As "microcontent" is breaking free from macro-sized silos to form new, much more loosely coupled formats and structures, old forms of e-learning, knowledge management, and information acquisition are failing.

The emerging new digital micromedia ecology calls for the design of innovative experiences, processes and technologies: personal and dynamic, casual and volatile, but still complex and effective.

Microlearning 2007 brings together international experts and leaders from different fields to discuss the impact of microcontent-based technologies and practices: teachers, educators, and learning technologists; academic scholars, consultants, and corporate practitioners; information architects, software developers, and experts in mobile telephony and data services.

Conference Chairs: Peter A. Bruck (RSA, Salzburg), Theo Hug (University of Innsbruck / RSA).
Program Chair: Martin Lindner (RSA, Innsbruck)

Advisory Board (tbc): Peter Parnes (Luleĺ), Kristóf Nyíri (Budapest); Michael Kerres (Duisburg); Erik Duval (Leuven); Claudio Dondi (Bologna)

Call for Papers

We invite papers and posters to present new visions and analysis, innovative concepts, projects, and best practice results related to the impact of the emerging new digital micromedia ecology on the acquistion and construction of information and knowledge. This includes, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

The future of classroom- & course-based learning
e.g. changes of the course format in Higher Education, vocational education, and corporate training; changing roles of teachers/trainers/learners; guided learning vs. informal learning; LMS, VLEs, PLEs; experiments with "e-Learning 2.0" (wikis, blogs, social software; podcasts, feeds, tagging ...); impact of technology on educational issues, and vice versa ...

Transformations of knowledge
e.g. theories of knowledge and "microknowledge" for the Digital Era; knowledge in human minds vs. digital modeled knowledge externalization of knowledge; design of new knowledge and information architectures; "Semantic Web 2.0" concepts ...

Information workers & knowledge workers
e.g. characteristics of new digital knowledge work & information work; how to embed learning (formal and informal) and information acquisition in highly fragmented digital workflows; dealing with the crisis of attention; user-generated content in education/training?

Mobile learning & mobile information
e.g. the mobile phone as a platform for microinformation and microlearning; Mobile Web 2.0 - Mobile e-Learning 2.0; latest innovative applications and technologies for the Mobile Web; mobile data becoming mainstream; interface and experience design for mobile microinformation/microlearning

Evaluation of digital learning systems
e.g. evaluation methods & models, criteria & theories; quantitative vs. qualitative approaches; interpretation of results of exemplary empiric studies; evaluation of usability, accessability, HMI, software ergonomy, screen design, multimedia, m-learning ...

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