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Kaleidoscope 2007 Symposium

26. 11. 2007

The Kaleidoscope 2007 Symposium allows you to:

- Evaluate the impact of the latest innovative Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) research from unique teams spanning disciplines and countries in Europe
- Understand, appreciate, recognise and debate what is meant by excellence in TEL research
- Assess the value that Kaleidoscope has made to TEL since 2004
- Create and extend synergies for future projects, collaborations and initiatives

The Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence brings together over 90 research labs and institutions and more than 1000 researchers from across Europe and Canada. During the 2007 Kaleidoscope Symposium we present the tangible outcomes of work undertaken over the last four years, and we invite you to help define the future of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

The Symposium will enable participants to:
- Appreciate the impact Kaleidoscope has made, and could continue to make within research in TEL
- Understand how research communities define and communicate excellence and envisage what the implications of this could be
- Explore and shape plans for the continuity of TEL research agendas in Europe

The first day will offer opportunities for examining current research trends and outline the latest scientific achievements in the field. Leading researchers from a wide variety of disciplines will demonstrate the impact of their work, providing evidence of integration and excellence.

The second day is an opportunity for a wide-ranging audience, from end-users and educationalists to those in business and policy to make their contribution to shaping the scientific evolution of TEL. Key questions include: What, from their point of view, is the contribution and value of TEL research? How might new synergies evolve between these groups to move the TEL research agenda forward? Findings outlined on the first day will contribute to discussions and workshops held on the second.

Date: 26 - 27 November 2007

Organiser: Kaleidoscope Network

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin



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