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ProLearn invites Partners to workshop at EDEN Conference

20. 06. 2005

EDEN 2005 will feature a special ProLearn workshop on Technology Enhanced Professional Learning. The European Network of Excellence, ProLearn, brings together the most important research groups in the area of professional learning and training, as well as other key organisations and industrial partners, to bridge the gap between research and education.

The aim of the EDEN ProLearn workshop is to present research results produced during the past year which will provide perspectives about the state-of-the art of technology for enhancing learning and insight into future developments over the next two years. The workshop provides a programme of speakers who address several topics including: professional training user needs analysis; how technologies such as personalised and adaptive tools, interactive media, and information systems can be deployed to provide learning solutions for professional needs; case studies and business models for their implementation.

PROLEARN is an open network and in continuous search for new partnerships to complement its excellence and to increase contacts with European industry. Therefore, another very important aim of this workshop is to network with other researchers and practitioners in the field. We look forward to meeting you in Helsinki.

Workshop programme and registration

(source ProLearn Academy News)


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