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Corporate Education Course Content – CECC Workshop
"Creating eLearning courses for use in corporate education"

25. 04. 2005

  • Date: April 25, 2005 from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Costs per participant: 290 Euro (incl. VAT)
  • Location: L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany Organizer:* im-c AG and L3S Research Center
  • Sponsors: NoEs PROLEARN, KnowledgeWeb, REWERSE, eduXchange
  • URL:

eLearning in corporate education is gaining momentum, thus, more and more people become involved in eLearning projects within industry. Hence, there is a growing need for tools and systems that support the management of corporate learning processes on one hand and for digital content that covers the specific needs of corporate training and qualification on the other.

In this context, content brokerage becomes increasingly attractive, as it fosters the re-use of already existing material at relatively low cost. Especially the transfer of content and knowledge originating in academic and research-oriented settings to corporate fields of application is of large interest. For a considerable amount of academic content suitable for adaptation to corporate needs seems to exist.

And yet, the barriers for such a transfer are manifold. Corporate needs and expectations regarding learning content appear to differ largely from content provided by academic and research-oriented content producers. Especially material that originates in regular teaching and research activities at universities and research institutions needs further adaptation and customisation efforts.

The workshop analyses corporate needs and expectations with regard to digital content for training and qualification needs. It highlights requirements for adapting academic content and learning material to corporate contexts of application. And it provides insights into the needs for a successful transfer and re-use of academic content in non-academic settings.

Participants will benefit from the workshop by learning about the theoretical as well as best practice knowledge in respect to controlling and coordinating (small) eLearning projects and, most notably, content production projects for prospective users in the corporate sector. The workshop is geared specifically towards potential providers of eLearning materials generated in academic and research-oriented contexts. It provides orientation about the essentials of a successful transfer of academic knowledge and digital learning content.

Within this framework, the basics of didactics and methods in corporate learning scenarios, content-driven and textual requirements, technical realization, technical requirements and impacts, processes as well as the integration of web-based or computer-based trainings in learning management systems will be discussed in detail.

Participants will get insights, by means of concrete best practice examples and case studies, into the development of professional content and their transfer into multimedia content (e.g. WBT). For this purpose, field-tested checklists and guidelines as well as samples of content for corporate customers will be provided. At a smaller scale, the workshop also deals with project management and quality assurance issues as they relate to the main processes involved in content production for corporate users.

The workshop will cover the following issues:
I. Content for corporate education: Requirements and Expectations

  • Typical Use-cases
  • Types of content used
  • Didactical requirements and learning scenarios
  • Certification and Validation

II. Managing industrial eLearning projects: From first ideas to realization of industrial content

  • Business requirements and tasks (during all project phases)
  • Content requirements and tasks in different project phases
  • Technical requirements and impacts in different project phases

III. Conceptual design and didactical aspects

  • The relevance of the conception phase (rough concept, elaborate concept, storyboard)
  • Particularities of the storyboarding (why specific attention should be paid on this phase!)
  • Success-critical factors in the conception phase
  • Different didactical methods and examples of realization in eLearning projects
  • Best practice examples of concept papers concerning industrial education

IV. Case study: creation of a WBT (especially based on themes of industrial education)
V. Authoring tools and rapid production – application settings and basic conditions

  • The process of content creation
  • The use of authoring tools
  • Demonstration of Authoring Tools, e.g. Lecturnity® und learn eXact®

VI. Technical aspects of industrial content production

  • Framework technologies
  • Interfaces and standards
  • Characteristics of localization and change management

Via email to Dr. Tilman Küchler: tilman.kuechler at
The registration is binding. Deadline: April 18, 2005. Replacement for registered participants is possible. The registration fee is 290 EUR (incl. VAT) per participants to be due with the registration. The workshop is limited to 20 participants; registrations from the sponsoring partners will be treated preferentially. Otherwise, registrations will be processed according to their arrival date.
Please use the following account information for payment of the participation fee:

  • Account holder: imc AG
  • Name of bank: Deutsche Bank AG
  • Account Number: 2 545 440 02
  • German BLZ: 590 700 00
  • IBAN: DE71590700000254544002
  • Reason for transfer: participation fee for CECC April 25, 2005 at L3S

imc information multimedia communication AG
Dr. Tilman Küchler (tilman.kuechler at
L3S Research Center
Dr. Jörg Diederich (diederich at

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