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Next generation activity based eLearning

28. 11. 2005

The final meeting of the UNFOLD Communities of Practice is coming up in four weeks time, in Berlin on 28th and 29th November. The definitive
agenda, has now been published, with substantial revisions to ensure that we look to the future of the communities which UNFOLD has facilitated over the past two years.

The agenda is entitled "Next generation activity based eLearning". The meeting will map out the requirements for the next generation of Learning Design based systems, and take the first steps to planning how this can be achieved. It will cover all aspects of Technology Enhanced Learning.
The meeting will be run by the UNFOLD team, with Rob Koper at the helm.

The meeting is free of charge.
For details of the agenda and registration, please see

It is intended that the participants in the meeting will bring together people who have knowledge of Learning Design and its capabilities, and users of eLearning solutions, such as learners, teachers, trainers, human resources managers, educational administrators, etc, who have a clear vision of what issues need to be resolved.

The outcomes of the meeting will be published on the UNFOLD web site, and following feedback and discussion by participants will be submitted to the European Commission. It is also anticipated that the results will form the basis for contributions to journals.

The day following the CoPs meeting, 30th November, UNFOLD is co-organising a workshop "Did you hear the one about the ELF, the model and the learning technologist? E-Learning Reference Models explained and examined" (Cost 80 Euros).

On the Thursday and Friday you can visit the Online Educa exhibition, which is free of charge, and get up to date with latest developments.
UNFOLD will be represented at the exhibition and will hold a reception.
Alternatively you can register for the full conference.

This meeting offers a unique opportunity contribute to the definition of the next generation of activity based eLearning systems, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Dai Griffiths, UNFOLD Project Coordinator.
Interactive Technologies Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Work: + 34 93 542 1428
Home + 34 971 639 252
Mobile: 687 955912


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