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Access to PROLEARN for Industry and Research

Benefits of PROELARN for Industry and Research

PROLEARN is an open network and in continuous search for new partnerships to complement its excellence and to increase the contact with European industry. In principle we offer two kinds of partnerships

  • research partnership
  • industry partnership

The PROLEARN NoE will not only integrate the research activities of the consortium members, but will extend this integration to the whole European research area for technology enhanced professional learning

If you are interested to join the network, please click on the link "Apply" you will be able to fill in the application online and submit it right away.


You will receive confirmation that we got your application. Also, the working areas leader will get in touch with you to establish your contribution to the various areas. When fixed the Executive Board will decide upon your accession to the growing group of associated partners. Please allow about 5-6 weeks for the necessary administrative steps to take place.

A number of research institutions have already expressed their intent to participate in PROLEARN activities and to align their research activities with the PROLEARN research agenda. Strong US and Canadian partners have done the same, showing the potential of a strong network in technology enhanced learning not only on the European level, but world wide.

Furthermore, integration and interaction with industrial partners will be an important aspect of the PROLEARN network. While a growing number of industrial partners will directly participate in work carried out in the various work packages, others will benefit from the results and information spread by the PROLEARN Academy and Competence Centre. Some of the benefits for industrial partners of joining PROLEARN are:

Make yourself known

  • Useage of the PROLEARN brand as a public relations tool
  • dissemination of your products/services known to the large group of participating organisations
  • customer relations management among the large amount of PROLEARN members
  • European-wide exchange with leading-edge industry and research partners in professional learning
  • Usage of PROLEARN as a publication platform

Improvement of communication facilities and contacts

  • PROLEARN impacts on political stakeholders
  • Communication with the world wide pool of researchers
  • Easy access to the large, European-wide group of industry participants (both, vendors and users of technology enhanced learning tools and facilities)
  • Participation in PROLEARN workshops and conferences
  • Participation in events of the PROLEARN Virtual Competence Center and the PROLEARN Academy

Improvement of research & development

  • Easy access to consultancy services provided by PROLEARN
  • Early adopter/membership privileges in terms of PROLEARN research results, products etc.
  • PROLEARN Roadmaps and Grand Challenge Conferences
  • Joint definition of topics & issues for supply and demand
  • Identify new trends in professional learning sooner


  • limited funding for travel expenses

In return, PROLEARN expects active participation in its various working areas as well as the integration of the partners expertise into the project (case studies, requirements, white papers, etc.). Responsiveness and openness on all issues of professional learning is an essential item within this partnership.


EC-TEL 17-20 September 2007 Crete, Greece

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